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Deers' Men

For the love of wildlife...

Red Mount Media


Role Story / Environment Design

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It’s a story about guilt, sacrifice and the love of wildlife…


Deers’ Men is a short first person adventure game. Jacob is taking a break from his busy and noisy life, and is visiting his parents in America for the winter. Sticking to his routine, he takes a morning run in the woods. It’s freezing and extremely quiet… but Jacob isn’t alone. He meets someone extremely powerful, who inspires him.


Are you ready for a run?



Key Features:


- Inspired from the wildlife

- Artistic Environment & Linear gameplay to let the player have the best of the experience of story telling

- Steam Achievements - Explore and unlock

- Find items, examine and let the story unfold

- Oculus DK2 Supported

- Music by Mahesh Raghvan

- Subtitles in Spanish, Russian & French

Virtual Reality / Oculus DK2

All works © Waqas Abdul Majeed 2016

Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Waqas Abdul Majeed.